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M2 Dline / GPS Speed Combined Training


- **Program Overview:**
  - M2 Dline / GPS Speed Combined Training Sessions
  - Focus on Lineman-specific skills: footwork, speed, agility, and hand drills
- **Lineman Specializations:**
  - Fundamentals: Emphasizing proper techniques for lineman roles
  - Hand Eye Coordination: Enhancing precision and reaction time
  - Stance: Optimizing the starting position for quick movements
  - Hands: Developing effective and powerful hand placement
  - Feet: Perfecting footwork for agility and speed
  - Run Technique: Improving skills for effective run stopping
  - Pass Technique: Enhancing pass rushing abilities

- **Training Objectives:**
  - 1st Step Quickness: Sharpening initial movements for a competitive edge
  - Linear Speed Development: Covering start, acceleration, and top-end speed
  - Change of Direction Ability: Enhancing agility for dynamic play
  - Reactive Agility: Improving quick, responsive movements on the field
  - Explosive Power: Focusing on strength and power for impactful plays
  - Football-specific Conditioning: Building endurance tailored to lineman demands

- **Measurement Tools:**
  - Laser Timing: Utilizing precision timing to track progress accurately
  - GPS Speed Monitoring: Incorporating advanced technology for speed metrics

- **Participant Benefits:**
  - Personalized Coaching: Tailored guidance from experienced coaches
  - Skill Mastery: Comprehensive training covering all facets of lineman play
  - Competitive Edge: Gaining an advantage through focused skill development
  - Performance Metrics: Access to precise measurements for continuous improvement

Elevate your lineman game with a comprehensive program that goes beyond basics, integrating cutting-edge technology and expert coaching for unmatched performance.

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